A new region, filled with a whole new generation of Pokemon.
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 The Jounreys

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PostSubject: The Jounreys   Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:35 pm

The Journey
You will begin your journey in Savvana Plains, then you will continue to go to Groa City, where you will be facingyour first Gym Leader, then leave to the next area and so one.

Catching a Wild Pokemon
When you find a Pokemon in the wild, you have the choice to catch it or faint it. You must get the Pokemon to a lower level, then throw a pokeball at it. A Staff will tell you if you suceeded on the catch or not. If the Pokemon faints, you can still catch it, but it will have a 50/50 chance of catching the Pokemon. Even if you do catch it if it faints, you can still gain exp.

Gaining Levels
If the opponent's level is lower than the Pokemon you are using, then you will most likely recieve a + on your Pokemon.
If the opponent's Pokemon is much (3 levels+) higher than yours, your Pokemon can recieve anywhere from 1+ to 3 levels!
If the opponent's level is equal to the Pokemon you are using, then it will gain 1 level.
Remember, however, that there are exceptions. If it was an easy battle, things may change. Same goes for the battle being hard.

Remember that only staff members can decide whether you encounter trainers or Pokemon, and when you catch or faint a pokemon in battle. You can only control your character.

*All egg moves
*TM/HM moves that are of the same type. (IE. Mudkip knows all water TM/HM)
*Any level moves 10 levels higher than the current Poke (IE. Lv. 5 can use up to lv. 15 attacks).

TMs and HMs:
If you get a TM or HM (like CUT), and you want to teach it to a Pokemon like Chikorita, who isn't a normal type, then in order to perform the move, it has to learn it, whereas it would already know something like Solarbeam. It must learn it at the PokeCenter, with Nurse Joy's help.

Remember, HM's are re-usable, but once a TM is used, it's gone.
Check Serebii Pokedex for attacks: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/ We are following D/P attack moves.
Don't forget that not all attacks are like the games or the anime. The admin who updates you is able to determine the attack however they wish.

On items
Items like Potions and revives can be used during your journeys, others, like TMs and HMs, can only be used only in the pokecenter. Rare candies can be used anytime other than during a battle.
To assign a item to a Pokemon, you cannot be in a battle.

On evolutions
To evolve your pokemon you must post in the evolution forum and have the right number of levels or the right evolution stone, etc.

Pokecenter & Pokemarket
To use the Pokecenter or the Pokemarket you have to be in a city.

On Abilities
Pokemon have abilities. Cool, right? Well they are used here, but sometimes admins don't use them. They don't HAVE to, but they may. Pokemon like Houndour who've got two abilites can use both.
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The Jounreys
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